Virtual tours around Cormorant Island

peeled culturally modified tree

A peeled tree, whose bark has been used for cedar weaving. 'Namigs artists are careful never to peel more than a third of the circumference of the tree, so that it can continue to thrive. (Credit: T. Mrozewski)

cormorant island gulls at the tideline

Even on a glassy calm day, driftwood and kelp gather on the tideline. Feed also churns up and attracts gulls (Credit: J. Beadle)

red snapper

The long-lived red snapper is one of many species of fish found in the feed-rich waters around Cormorant Island. (Credit: T. Mrozewski)

Cormorant Island double decker busses

Rescue busses, retired from active tourist duty via Victoria, live out their final years on Cormorant Island (Credit: J. Beadle)

paddling around Cormorant Island

The wooden seine boat Skalu lies partly submerged in the tide. She was built in 1918 in Vancouver and fished all along the coast. (Credit: J. Beadle)

coved trail walk

Cormorant Island island is crisscrossed with trails through forests of various ages. (Credit: T. Mrozewski)

fish plant door

The door of a former fish plant, now used to flash freeze 'Namgis members' fish and wild meat. (Credit: T. Mrozewski)

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