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Aboriginal focus at North Island tourism forum

Keith Henry and Justin Beadle

Cormorant Island had several representives at a North Island tourism forum on March 16.  It was a full day of presentations and working groups on issues identified as priorities for area tourism. The keynote presentation was by Keith Henry, the CEO of the year-old Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada. Before that Henry was the head of the Aboriginal Tourism BC, which has helped double aboriginal tourism in BC in the last five years. Henry’s presentation (6.2 MB pdf) had lots of information about what visitors are looking for in aboriginal cultural experiences that may be useful for Cormorant Island businesses.

Above, Keith Henry (right) in a forum working group that included Alert Bay CAO Justin Beadle (centre).

Spring really is here

skunk cabbage in gator gardens

The lovely and smelly skunk cabbage bloom of early spring. (Credit: mro)

After salmonberries, the next early sign of spring is the cheery, smelly skunk cabbage bloom. They’re cropping up in the ecological park (Gator Gardens to locals). Spring means everything’s on the move, from Canada geese going north, to crews heading to wilderness lodges to open up. We have visitors on our minds.

Cormorant Island business at Vancouver adventure travel show

Luke Lessard and exhibit booth for Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show

Luke Lessard building an exhibit booth of fab-smelling North Island yellow cedar.

Three Cormorant Island businesses are in Vancouver telling potential visitors from around the world about what they offer, and promoting Cormorant Island at the same time.

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show is billed as BC’s biggest showcase of outdoor gear and travel experience. This year it has more than 250 exhibitors from around BC and the world.

Among them are Blackfish Adventures, Culture Shock Gallery, and Pass’n Thyme Hotel and Restaurant. Christy Taylor and Luke Lessard are there for Blackfish, Barb Cranmer and Ernest Alfred for Culture Shock, and Wendy of Pass’n Thyme is standing by on the phone to answer questions. They have print material, images, kayak gear and cultural objects from the Cultural Shock gallery.

The crew is also talking up the island, and have brochures, maps, information and pictures from the ‘Namgis First Nation, Village of Alert Bay, and Umista Cultural Centre. Umista also has contributed a carvedl mussel rattle to offer an hands-on example of what area artists produce.

Thanks to all the crew.

Cormorant Island launches new visitor website

logos for NFN CIT VAB

Cormorant Island has a new visitor website. It’s sponsored jointly by the ‘Namgis First Nation and the Village of Alert Bay, who are island neighbours.

The island has long been in need of one central platform to satisfy the growing demand for information about the island the ‘Namgis and Alert Bay communities. Visitor interest has been so great that local businesses have been putting up information about the island on their websites.

The new platform will build on that, and highlight the businesses along with other information.

Please help the site grow. Please tell us about questions, suggestions or comments about ways we can improve the site.


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